Feb 9, 2018

[Hentai 2D] Students of mine are slutty gals (Motion Comic Version)

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Circle survive
Release Jan/25/2018
File Format MP4
Genre Gal Uniform Cosplay Internal Cumshot Breast Sex Big Breasts

A well-received CG collection by "selvedgesuisan" presented in Motion Comic style!! 
Busty gal & Blond suntanned gal! Extremely salacious like begins with two slutty students!?

* Story
Uchida is a women's school teacher. He happens to find 
two of his students on a street late at night. 

Yura Toda...
Financially supported by multiple "Papas". Doing secret job.
They may call her "gal" from her blond hair and suntanned skin.

Reo Shinozuka...
Sleeping around the town from her too pure personality.
Well characterized by her long hair and pair of excessively large tits. 

When he thought he had got to guide them to right direction, things 
went to make an unintended situation, resulting in H with those two...!!

"You gonna cum huh? Cum between your student's tits?"

"Stay hard! I won't stop till your balls get empty!"

They take charge over Uchida, a cherry boy. 
He is cumsqueezed again and again without cumback...!
'Holding titjob' with bursting busty boobs, prem-jac treatment...
Extremely salacious like begins with two slutty students!?

The prominent work revives in Full Voice & Full Motion quality, 
with original CG's attractants all remaining!
These two's too erotic & cute cosplay scenes are a must-see!!

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