Feb 10, 2018

[Hentai 2D] Huge Creampie!! Interactive Visitor's Day For Dads and Uncles [Motion Comic Version]

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Circle survive
Release Sep/07/2017
File Format MPEG
Genre Cross-section View Student Uniform

survive brings you a motion comic adaptation of creamgirl's story 
about an all you can sex parents day at school! Dads & Uncles will 
give an important hands on sexual education lesson to these JKs!

* Story *
S Prefecture M City. At a certain all girls school, there is an annual 
event which takes place... An event creampie full of family bonding!

Interactive Visitor's Day for Dads and Uncles!
Mathematic measuring of daddy's cock!
Blindfolded guess your daughter 'physical examination'!

"Uncles cum is trying to fuse with your eggs Sanae-chan?"
"AAHHHHhhhh!! NOoo Stop iyaaahh! I'mm cummminnngggg!!"

During class, it doesn't matter who is whose daddy or daughter, 
A penetrating f*ckfest of creampie galore. All you can SEXXX
with the cute JKs of an all girls school... NOW IN MOTION!

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