Feb 6, 2018

[Hentai 2D] JK Fuck Forbidden Kimeseku Sex Training (Motion Comic Version) DMM Version

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Circle survive
Release Oct/26/2017
File Format MP4
Genre Student Uniform Yuri/Girls Love Internal Cumshot Sexual Training

survive brings you a motion comic adaptation of phaladogs' story 
about the drugged up days of sex and pleasure that assail a girl... 
a girl who knew nothing better, abducted, confined and violated...!!

* Story *

The girls chatted and walked home from school, like always. 
"See you tomorrow," they said as they parted, like always. 
But that promise would never be fulfilled. 

Yuuki is confined in a stench ridden basement.
While blindfolded she is forced to orgasm to vibrating 
adult toys and her virginity is scattered.

"Drinky this medicine, and when d*ck cum inside, 
my back and head goes allll funky and tingly..."

With no time to wallow in grief, a restrained girl is played with.
She resists at first but with under the effect of drugs, her reasoning 
and also her mind, gradually dissipates. Eventually, the man 
looks for more prey, her friend perhaps... NOW IN MOTION!


Contains: abduction, underground blindfold play, electric massager, 
loss of virginity, drugged up sex in front of the mirror, abandoned with 
a vibrator inserted, cowgirl style sex, outdoor sex in front of a friend, 
school orgy at night, and other contents (including some lezzy yuri stuff)

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